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I Will Place Them (Evadne)

When the night and day quarrel The reign of a same sky I will place them to be baptized for the dew To be withered by the time As the loneliness is withering me I will place them Over your tomb and I will cry For you I'm crying For the wishes we had to leave behind Thereґs no comfort to me, only a cruel grief In the solitude of the night I will descent to the hell To steal the cloak of the death I want to cover the firmament with it From the mourning that covers my heart For you Iґm crying For you caress, cause you were all my life Thereґs no comfort to me, nothing in what believe Remembering times already past Face to face, desires and pain Facing to the death And I will cry While of knees screaming I will beg A new chance to be on your candy arms, again Over your tomb I will place them In memory of time already past The cloak of dead Is covering me Is covering all