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The Autumn Of The Withered Roses (Evadne)

The autumn comes, dies the summer My garden is all what I have A gathering of withered roses A gathering to end my wreath They are all my life, the happiness for my eyes I'll never see again my flowers You break my heart once again Let my eyes without them, without nothing You stole the smell of life, smell of dead For a dream letarged All for me was your sight every day and every night I wish you´d be with me always You know, since I am alone You are the only thing that plenty my heart Now, at the threshold of my death I feel sadness but isn't for me… Endlessly please remember me ! The autumn comes, dies the summer I know my life is near to expire Almighty came the autumn, impassive my die Sadness, despair for see my garden rotten The last time, the last goodbye My flowers, my Eden friends, I want to rest near you Eternally My flowers, my Eden friends one last thing I pray you A wish for the next spring, let me grow together you Rotten roses on my foot, I feel the incoming of dead Is the time to my sleep, is the time to made my wreath My last breath, your last scent, I feel the incoming of dead Is the time for my sleep, is time for my eternal rest