I Smell Pan (Chingo Bling)

*~Chorus~* I smell pan is that you j-lo i smell pan is that beyonce i smell pan is that achanti i smell pan is that you oprah i smell pan is that thalia i smell pan is that your tia i smell pan is that the trash i smell pan you better wash your ass she got the pan but not the pan u find in the kitchen i 'd be hopin and wishin that she go'n give me permission to big in the cookie jar give me a piece your right im a dog and im off the leash but if i give you a lunch you know the things i do take it off break it off girl chunk the do my bad i thought it was cool with you my bad i said you were bootyful my bad i thought we could do the fool my bad f**k me well f**k you too but if i put the bannana in the doughnut i already know lil mama gona go nuts she said she good but acted like most sluts give me a little bit then she gave me both buts we aint married yea we're grown ups but im married man so what ~*chorus*~ she got the pan more pan then panaderia gave me the pan when she saw my joyeria i hit her her sister y tambien su tia in a reagal a caddi and a kia sofia she said her rims keep spinnin is that brujeria no mama im sick i got balleria make a left on postal get out the car we're here then she opened my door at galleria she no how to tease o girl aims to please bought cleto a leash and ate a 2 piece like i said she bought me a chain and a piece you bring daddy all the moneys k capishe i got a gift for you let chow you what i brung ya broke the girl off and brag her a ben of lungia ~*Chorus*~