Dem Boyz (Boyz N Da Hood)

Bad Boys South Block Entertainment I see you block! Boyz N Da Hood I like this right here You all ready? Come on Let's ride It's Boyz N Da Hood nigga (Boyz N Da Hood nigga) (In Da Hood nigga) As we proceed (As we proceed) (As we proceed) To give you all what you all need (To give you all what you all need) (What you all need) Yeah nigga, yeah nigga It's some Boyz N Da Hood sell anything for profit (profit) Five in the morning on the corner clockin' (clockin') Yeah we're wrong but dare a nigga try to stop us (try to stop us) And you can get it, anywhere anybody Dem Boyz got work, Dem Boyz got yay Dem Boyz got purp, Dem Boyz got haze Dem Boyz got glocks, Dem Boyz got K's Dem Boyz got blocks, Dem Boyz gettin paid If it's taking too long to lock up bring it back (bring it back) You was short any way so bring a stack (bring a stack) And that shit was fucked up, I wouldn't even know I ain't had to open up a whole thing since '94 (damn!) We ain't trippin' we'll swap it out (swap it out) If it's still in the rap we'll swap it out (yeah!) (ahee) Let me hop off in the shower And get myself together I'm gonna need about a hour (about a hour) I got real clientail We ain't breaking shit down, we don't need no scales (get it right) He worth a mill on the low Plus the weather man said that its a light chance of snow Well look into the eyes of a young gutta nigga Loyal to the game out here trying to make a come up nigga Serving lots of jay, cocking blocks Knocking country niggas out they Dr. Jay (out they Dr. Jay) Fucking with a mobster Cock sucker you popa (popa) Just so you niggas don't get it twisted (twisted) Just listen and pay attention (attention) To one of the realest up out here (you here me?) With ammunition and on a mission For getting Benjamins ready (Benjamins) And willing to put one of you out your misery (out of your misery) So bag back, the 44's in the dashboard (dashboard) Trying to act bad will make me blast at your asshole (asshole) Let the let stackin' more I give you what you ask for (ask for) 5 for the 50 nigga Gone before I hit you nigga Yo, now I'm an eastside resider Keep niggas liver than hotter Stanking like clam chowder If they thinking that they wilder (OK) Every since I can remember I been toating that tember Keep the block hotter than July in the middle of December (ah! [2x]) Niggas better know my M-O (M-O) From Houston down to the NO (unh hun) Came a long ways from Lindberg's flying The back of a remo (alright) You can catch Dukey posted up Right off Exit 65 With some real ass niggas (yeah) Who ain't selling bean pies (yeah) Just to get them green guys Baby momas we hide (unh hun) Catch them hoes by surprise Froze with they mouth wide Even tough guys get duck taped and hog tied 'cause me, Jody, Jeezy and Gee gone always ride