Intro (Boyz N Da Hood)

Dis Bad Boy South bitch Block Entertainment Ladies and Gentleman Im about top introduce to you (Itz about dat time) 4 of tha realest niggaz to come up out tha hood As I introduce to you (Boyz N da Hood, Boyz N Da Hood) Jody Breeze, Big Duke Tha O' G they call him Young Jeezy da snowman and Big Gee tha Edge Hanger These My Niggaz Boyz N Da Hood Tha Hardest group to come out of da Souf Block Entertainment da label Bad Boy South tha Empire And We Wont Stop We Cant Stop ATL muthafukaz Lets do it Big Gee Boyz N Da Hood, Big Gee I'm tha edge hanger head banger third leg swanger Danger trick mangler spit led at tha fedz aimer Hang a bitch fuk tryin to change her (fuk tryin to change her) Anger wit tha most dangerous chrome fit to have u pissin out ya anus Now its Big Duke mostly seen in shell toes and dickie suits Wit a team of troops in chevy coupes dat be quick to shoot Trap robbers plus I got a slew off against cop gobblers And a sick click dat get lite and turn to cop poppers Im a nextel chirping gun totein' brick living fool Buy a grand a day so I dropped outta high skool (Yeeeeaah) Jeezy real nigga u da faker (WHAT) Could read a bitch azz nigga like a newspaper Okay Now from a year ago hundred bills still fold Summertime air forces winter time still told U talk a good game but ya'll niggaz aint real tho' World Wide or Underground when Im around niggaz kno' Aye Wat They Kno Nigga Boyz N Da Hood Nigga