Keep It N' Da Hood 2Nite (Boyz N Da Hood)

Ok ok boyz n da hood ya lets go smoke sum smoke sum lets ride ay lets ride a lets ride ya well even do u look good 2night, ay we gona keep it on da hood 2night, in da hood 2night and we can ride in wateva u like, but we gonna keep it in da hood 2night (in da hood 2night) being on da ice and dont forget da dice, ay we gonna keep it on da hood 2night (in da hood 2night) wateva we doin we doin it right, but we gonna keep it in da hood 2night ya now 2night we gonna keep the G from my fokes, dick is a wife beata, plus a peace in da holster, i see da feirce, so i polster the polster, the see me showin love to young gig and sosa, but its all propa, aint no bail hoppas, see a bunch of young gangstas so they wanna stop us, cuz we block hoppas, plus we cop droppas, by the day but the night we just cock roppas, tryin' to catch a dime, cat nights and fat, lets go get they head right like a fited hat, i aint bout to spend a dime unless i get it back, now u monkey niggaz tell me how real iz dat we gonna roll down peacetry street get a room off araf david avanat, in all da suit, hit the licors store on white hall, get sumthin to eat, at the a crof and chever on hot wing 10 peice, go to OG get sumthin to cheat, a post up and leace a house, a holla to free, all the kids in da hood instead of followin me, luv to see me come around and get dollas from me, red doggs still rollin threw twice a week, til my folk got crack, 5 dollas a peice, and everbody got gats, cant aford da streets, we boyz n da hood so we startin them G's so get dem gunns ready West side well me and da rest of da real and da best dat is iz, out cher (out cher) cadalac, da reals out cher ya'll already know what it iz out cher, erbody fresh, erbody clean, fresh white tee, haneechi on da G, ya a young playa in da flesh da hoes over here we we aint gonna leave, so tell your girl to tell her girl to come holla at a playa cuz ima nail her first, and afta dat ima send u to da club, head back to da trap, and sell slaps on da curb (ya hurd)