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Still Slizzard (Boyz N Da Hood)

I got my granny up knocking at my bedroom door but I'm... Still Slizzard from the night before. I got my patna in da lac talkin bout let's go but I'm... Still Slizzard from the night before. He say he bout to let the fire hit the tip of the dro but I'm... Still Slizzard from the night before. I'm tryna get my shit my shit together but I still move slow cuz I'm... Still Slizzard from the night before. It was Monday night. I was down at Magic's just me, Jeezy and Jody you know we causin habits. I'm on dat Henny straight. Dro minus the flake. Wit a mobsta plate, eatin shrimp and steak. They got the music bumpin', big ass tities jumpin', we feelin' ignant so we holler at BITCH FUCK SUM you know I'm from the dirty, you we keeps it crunk. We past tipsy in this bitch dawg we dead drunk, Jeezy just threw ten thousand single on the fuckin floor. That's when I was like Man, it's time for me to go. I can't drank no mo' I can't even score. Gots to be up on your toes fuckin round with these hoes. One minute you gettin your dick sucked the next minute you ice cold. These bitches ain't really real they just know how top play they roll but to a real nigga they game gone always be exposed. I'm in the spot I got ya patna. I'm the doctor. I can spot ya Gee.I'm the one in the back with the timbalands on. Got ya man. I'm at the table with the dymes all kind holmes. Finga gettin they clitty warm. Drunk as hell