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All Along (Shifty)

I can't believe I've fallen so hard for you We've known each other so long All along I've been out lookin for somethin When somethin was you all along I used to look to you as a friend The one I'd call when I felt like my life was bout to end When the sky is fallin down and the walls are closin in Inside I need a friend so I'm callin you again Oh can you life me up cause I feel so down I'm lost in my head I feel used but refused to belive that love is dead She gave me all the signs but I was blind, my thrid eye sees you I keep hookin up and leavin Believin this ones right But that one just ain't my type or hype See I'm not tryin to waste my life We'll sit back and watch as it races by Cause what I'm lookin for is a love that's true I never thought it was you and I don't know why I always thought it was her that I'd find her for sure But I'm a little too old to be actin immature Your the one that love me your the one that cares And girl you're the one that'll always be there See I've looked high and I've looked low For the girl that I had right under my nose and Goes to show that you really never know so I turned around and found my way back to your front door And I don't think we can just be friends anymore I'm here to let you know I let the other girls go I hope you feel like I feel cause I swear there's somethin real It's tearin me apart now I'm the owner of a lonley heart So if I wish upon a star we can live a fairy tale I'm not afraid to try and I'm not afraid to fail I made up my mind this time you tipped the scale Let my lips touch your lips...keep it down girl Cause I wouldn't want you to miss this for the world My third eye sees you now... Girl you could keep me here to stay Girl you just take my breath away You're more than just a friend to me So you can have your way Let's say that we were meant to be If we don't try we'll never see Believe and take a chance with me So you can have your way