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The Message (Ellis Alton )

Haha! Right now, The Message This is ... The Message If the world surround you Like the chain that bound you Be patient, boy You will draw (?) right, yes you will Be patient Up tight, The Message No guy should sit and wait, sir Sit and wait, sir, till his fortune goes Through the gate, sir No sir Up tight, out of sight, haha! Hah! Right now Do good, sir, real good, sir Good follows, sir, real good follows Take it easy One stop from the top Out of sight, sir Out of sight, sir Up tight, sir The Message Shake your head, one Shake your hip, two I can do anything, sir I'm a rocksteady king, sir That's it, that's it One stop from the top, sir The Message, this is The Message Get with it, get with it From the top, one stop...