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Do It Tonight (Skee-Lo)

We fall and we bounce back I bet you an ounce that My lyrics make sense and the base line's phat This life that I'm livin' is so sweet that I'm constantly chased by millions of hoodrats In the same room I see them all at one time Yellin' Drew better get you a freak I got mine And I know she probably be wit me in no time Cause it's gold on my watch and money on my mind Plus I'm rollin' a Lex that's on 20's Serious about my sound so my amps be Fillin' up most of the space that be empty Don't want to take yo chick so don't tempt me Can't get it out my head This thought I had when I got out of bed As I looked at the mirror at myself and said Got to call Big Chris, Drewskee and Tez See what's crackin' tonight Do it tonight All night Let's get it started right Sittin' in the casino surrounded by women Up twenty thousand tryin' to cash in my winnings Hennessey on the rocks got my head spinnin' Baby see me count my money then she started grinnin' Can I go wit you she said me and my friend And I'm lookin' for Skee-Lo so we can tag team him Call him on the celly phone, what's goin' on Tonight's the night like Betty Wright Let's get it on I got two ladies say they really like your music They say they not groupies but still they want to do me You tell them that we ain't spendin' a dime I ain't got to tell them nothing they still stuck in '99 Plus I'm not wastin' your time What these freaks look like Well, mines is tight but yours is fine I'ma tell you one more time You need to hit me back on the line Let me know what's up for tonight Do it tonight All night Let's get it started right Say Drew these brothers ain't done nothing new And for everything they did we done done that too Let them go ahead and stare skeeter don't care I crush the player hater out of anybody in there Even padlocks ain't safe from mattlock You shouldn't have got me started I told you I can't stop Makin' your heart drop, makin' you kids watch I'll make you wanna party wit everyone on your block Thinkin' you top notch you trippin' like hop schotch My lyrics is blue prints two chicks on Bay Watch For exposure, we get wet and smoke doja Everybody know about Skee I gots flow I Don't mess wit none of these women that's mintelosha Everybody tryin' to get a sip of my Momosa Do it tonight All night Let's get it started right