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Never Crossed My Mind (Skee-Lo)

I used to think that I was hard The kind of kid you don't wanna mess wit' I'll fight you and your bodyguard I was illeterate, we're talkin' gibberish But never considerate of the way I treated friends I would fight ten kids and I would fly all heads I would even fight dragons 'til they'd be dead I would presidents and the mayor, you bet But it's just too bad because I ain't fought yet You see, I took a slug at no one But if I ever did, I'll have to show one That I was like, able to wreck it I thought I knew but I didn't know That all the talk in the world doesn't make you a pro And so, 'cause my first real fight in the hood I would bash a skull, if I could But that's when these kids wrecked my world, swept my feet up Straight got illed and I was nearly killed It never crossed my mind I could go ten different places at one time (all at one time) I could jump through my ears and walk through my mind (walk through my mind) I never thought that it could happen to you I never thought that it could happen to me But then it happend, see Coolin' out, chillin' with my homeboy Paul Now we was chillin', talkin' to ladies up inside of the mall I got a few numbers and some girl's address So I was feelin' kinda fly and I was dressed real fresh We was coolin' as if we didn't care He was too busy talkin', and so he wasn't aware That's when he caught a slug to his chest A hole in his vest, worst of all he made a mess all over the carpet Started to tumble all over the place 'Cause a bullet has no name, it sees no face Anyways, this girl pulled a trigger on us She was tryin' to kill the man who's next to the man Who's next to the man...what? And that's all he gots to give He's ready to die, but I'm hopin' he lives It never crossed his mind For my groupies, why must you do me? You never knew me, so what makes you hot for me? Is it fortune and fame just because of my name You wanna tell your friends that you did it Skee See, we can't be, because there is no us You and I won't happen, so don't make no fuss Now we could persist with a hug and a kiss But I can't help but wonder "who's daughter is this?" I'm glad you respect me, now let me respect you If I was a dog, then I might want you But if you want it that bad, then baby, don't get mad Because you're welcome to share with the rest of my crew Now that's on you I know you fellas who ain't wit' it You're thinkin' "like, dang Skee, why don't you hit it? do that, yeah!" But you better think again Next groupie could be your girlfriend Just in case it never crossed your mind You never what could happen Everyday situations It could happen you're going to the store Somebody drop a house on you and steal yo' slippers Who knows? Never crossed your mind