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Superman (Skee-Lo)

Ah, how many brothers been charged? Go through wires and set fires in my garage Sabotage, I'm coming to you fools in camafloughe Gods must be crazy, stole yo' style from the eighties Lookin' at that show lady, why she look like Brady? Shady business, wanna stop and look at my profile People like me be catching girls with Kangol hats on Argyl Styles, skills, I get I'll everytime I rhyme Quantum leaps stole my jeep, gonna catch that fool in time 'Cause I'm Skeeter, Mr. Nine Milimeeter, with bad aim Fame, Now I'm gonna live forever, never say die Bronze eyed and black guy with a black eye, fat lip, wanna set trip Dang y'all, look at my watch, I gotta shake this spot So pow, look at this brother with stilts Thinkin' his name was Skeeter, Mr. Nine Millimeeter What the? holy cow A brother hung a couple of sings from these trees The day that I became an MC I'm your idol like Micheal, so won't you beat it I'm deader like Shredder, I joined the Foot now I can't be defeated Mis-treated MC's like it was the eighties My style is tigher than a wet lycra on a two hundred and fifty pound lady Maybe, maybe not Maybe you should check that Pop this in yo' tape deck, play me in yo' cassette On Channel 7 News At 11 watch these fools get hurt Have you more confused than a Christian reading a bible in a Muslim church Come down to earth, now ask yourself is worth Losing your title in a rap recitle? I've been vital since my birth MC's get vaided 'cause I'm over-rated And if you laughed it, you ran But when I blast it, you lucky you made it I'm the most hated MC, just like the OB You'll be outy like last year, cookin' like Gary Coleman 'Cause no man, no children or woman can get with the Super I got the West Coast sewn up and I load up your spot trooper And ain't no to be continuied When I get in you get looser Hope that you get used to losing So shut up and start thinking Before I leave you danglin' from my mic cords And you hear me swingin' Put yo' gun away, Superman don't run away See I got x-ray, I can spot you like OJ on the freeway But anyway, we can do this all today 'Cause I embarass more people on national telivision than Richard Baye Today's topic: "MC's who set-up for beat downs" Sit down and tell me about your last lyrical melt-down You come to battle you get beat like drums And I'm a put you on the bus and send you back to where you came from And I don't care if you don't like me now You go home and tell your friends I'm the mighty one AKA Skeeter, Mr. Nine Milimeeter, with bad aim Also known as Skee-Lo, but you can call me Supreman Super, Superman You know they call me Superman