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A Velvet Creation (Eucharist)

I am in love with my paintings Artworks from the streams of my thoughts For a moment I was paralyzed by the colours so deep and living The dimensions of truth was so far away because this was not so real The work of my mind my hand and the brush was not carnal Yet breathing when I touched the profiles of it's colours Every picture became a sophistication of my dreams An essence of artworks was created Twelve years ago I made a sculpture and covered her body with a blanket made in sweetest velvet Her beauty could not be compared to anything I have created or seen But I could not give her life My fantasy was greater than my faith Suddenly she lifted her eyelids and stepped of the pedistal on which I placed her And so I took her hand and attached a ring to her finger She kissed me slowly to sleep I married her and we shared the time from past to present And our thoughts wnet from reality to dream My motives became part of time Motives covered in sweetest velvet