What Is Love (Blunstone Colin)

Innocence can't live within a broken heart I know But heaven knows This flame will never die for I still love you so It's not too late to learn from our mistakes I promise you that I will do whatever it will take Cause if love's not worth fighting for It's not worth anything at all Holding on Can't be wrong Whether we stand or fall And all that I ask of you Is help me to work this through In the end I could never ask for more What is love If it's not worth fighting for You mean so much more to me than words could ever say So I will show in everything I do my love is here to stay And if I had to take my final breath To prove to you my love is true I would, with no regrets If it's not worth dying for And now you know There's nothing more that I can give The one reward I'm longing for Is to hold you once again