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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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In My Way (Judge)

Say you've got a right, and who am I to say But when you do drugs, you get in my way I'm not gonna waste my breath on you I'll let your drugs run you through The things I've been hearing are scaring me A man made substance that sets your mind free I can't believe you've gone back on your words Those drugs are gonna kill you if I don't get to you first So what are you gonna do, be strong or fold? Make the wrong choice, you'll do what you're told I'm stepping back, and I'm gonna judge you I hope that fucked up head can tell you what to do I'm keeping it simple And I'm keeping it clear And I won't use words 'Cuz you're too fucked up to hear The crew is strong And we're setting it straight And we'll be the judge Of your fucking fate You've lost my respect And I've seen your worst And I've seen your best And I won't settle for anything less I guess you can call me obsessed You've lost my respect You've lost my respect You've lost my respect Keep clear or take my best