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New York Crew (Judge)

I want it back again The spirit that WE ONCE HAD Showing all these new hards They're not SO FUCKIN' BAD You and your crew Would have never MADE IT THROUGH The days we hung out In 1982 The New York Brotherhood I can't let go The New York Brotherhood Where did they go? We called it the Wolfpack We called it UNITED BLOOD We wore chains around our waists And CONSTRUCTION GLOVES Tompkins Square on a Saturday night I see my brother, he's in a fight They got him down, it's 3 on 1 10 of us show, GUESS WHO WON? We hung out on 7th and A Friends worked the door We didn't have to pay Boston came around one night Push came to shove and WE WERE DOWN TO FIGHT We have seen the backstab blood Most came and fuckin' went The played the part And they wore the right clothes But they didn't know What the fuck it meant And I see it today My backstabbing brothers Believing the lies That they're telling each other And I know I'll be here When they're gone 'Cuz the New York Brotherhood Is where my heart belongs In remembrance of old New York And to my friends And the ones I've fought A special place is left in my heart Those days are gone, man But they're not forgot