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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Black Coffee Blues (Another Animal)

I'm so down I feel like I'm breakin' I thought I heard you Call my name baby But I was mistakin' You're pushin' and you're pullin' Always tryin' to keep me down The way you treat me, baby Got me feelin' like a clown Keep on talkin' baby I can't hear a word you say You're talkin' to me woman But you're drivin' me away But I know that You're gonna be cryin' Burnt out, feel like I'm fadin' I thought I had the answers, baby But I'm still waitin' Yeah You're screaming and you're yellin' Give a man some room to think I bust out on the streets And try to find myself a drink You're always callin' baby Askin' why you're all alone Keep on callin' baby 'Cause I'm never comin' home But I know that You're gonna be cryin' Woman, I know that you're Gonna be cryin' Cry for all the times You tried to compromise My life to better suit your needs Cry for every time you lied To make things right I'm tired of fighting for salvation