Flashback (Arsonists)

Rock Steady was a B-boy crew, but to me it's all about hip hop, So, rock steady is a hip hop crew now. Its about all four elements, And we represent those lovely, sratch pickers, arsonists, All the b-boys that are down with us, the b-girls, we have some dope B-girls, and you know, we got graf artists like East and Zero T, Its just straight up on skills, this is Crazy Legs from the Rock Steady Crew, I'm out Hip-Hop was breaking, spray paintin' full train cars DJ's cutting emcess presents the ghetto stars I was the skinny shorty wop, with the bop in my step Shams the bear and teloids, playboys and I was set Running through the streets of the boogie with a bang Pops was kinda strict, so at times I couldn't hang But whateva the case, I stuck close to my hip-hop Somethin' in my soul just kept that, on lock And oppurtunity never knocked, but we was still open Saying ish like fresh, like def (dope in) And crack was on the corner rumblin' the dry goods With something I decided never to persue in my hood I was, too busy in the middle of the streets playing skelly With Ray and Big Lou, listenin' to Flash and Melly And rockin' block parties, seemed to be my route But I had to give that up, they always ended in shoot outs Hip-Hop was rhyming, hard timin', radio hits No dats, so the D.J's was still in the mix Grafitti and breaking took a back seat Cuz the A&R's couldn't figure how to make they ends meet I was the high school rapper to the girls in the hall While my nigga Clarence Greer was slammin' with a basketball Tune my radio on a saturday night Daydreamin' 'bout grippin' mikes and being in the spotlight Fat rope chains in a pair of A.J's in the p.j's frontin' like I had status (what) who's the baddest? The brotha on swinten ave, though fresh out the lab You just couldn't tell Q-Unique what he couldn't have It all started in Bushwick, defacin' the community Around the way, all you saw was nothin' but graffiti As a shorty I was poppin' never could I ever stand still Always battlin' cuz it was all about the skills Never learned windmills, but my boogie took me places When I started emceeing, I kept it fat like my laces Wrestlin' was the bomb, kept me from doing my homework Radio was my thing, when red alert went bezerk Yes yes y'all, let me get some Cuz we, never forgot where we came from (4x)