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Interpretation Of Love (Wouter Hamel)

I walked around for hours In the pouring rain I never thought I'd get used to this pain My feet are hurting But inside I'm calm and clear Oh how I want you to be near This part of town reminds me Of sunny afternoons My favorite tin pan alley tunes Your eyes so shiny The sunlight on your skin Imagine how grand it would have been It could have been more than a sily fling I would have bought you flowers anything But you just called me up And called things off That's not my interpretation of love My friends all told me that You're not the one for me But I fell in love so foolishly My heart kept skipping When we used to kiss I never knew this could exist This part of town will always Be a part of you and me Those summer nights in '93 Just lingered on my lips Imagine how grand it could have been I don't believe in fairy tails Or romance novels, dear But all those things I used to say were Honest and sincere So let's bring out the gospel choir And cue the violins 'Cause that's how grand It could have been Send "Interpretation Of Love" Rington