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No Love (Roots Manuva)

Aint nothin but this uncut croughness I bring Don't care bout no fide I do my own thing Giving chase in this rat race, fears be face and me be on the case, proud plus brave Ready to be taking them drastic measures Give me my treasure then splurt Could not give a brand new blouse and skirt I told you both through, fight through the bleat Clench my teeth dweet, enzymes for me By any which method positivities be we shepherd We pounce like left limb leopard If you ever see me in the street pulling brand new good moves You're wrong to confuse me with regular riff-raff, I got me cause and calling Never have I held any love for stalling Rush and make haste You down for rebellion left-handed glove we embrace the millenium Ticka-ticka tock my golden pen Scribble 'pon the paper from yassa to when We drop style 'pon the heathens dem Those who can't dig it well I feel the problem Aint no record that can hold me, I'm oversized Ears ever be open to the words of the wise But there's untold cats on my corner perpetrating Read a few books and now their talking They're looking to convert yours truly, but I'm unruly Plus, for the crew like cooly folk Mixing up the Guinness with the raw egg yolk Cos it's all about strength while we walk through the valley of the snipe, heathens Get thee from my sight, you cats is ever eager To preach up in my face when you just about scrape to know all that is How the hell you try to tell me coca-cola got fizz? I read your pamphlet four times, It don't make sense You front like Uri scholar, shit smells pretence Yous best get off your horse, drink your milk, get the frig out It goes What the frig makes you friggers want to frig with this? Now you fools got me living with this mental fist That I wear with knuckledusters, taking out these frogs in their clusters Three by three, five by five How would you describe this left handed loony Toony votoony, dancegate pressure Heading through the back door straight to the bar Then I'm gonna get me some firewater Then I'm gonna scope out a young fine daughter Ah yes, its my wayward nature Hip to a caper, soon to have a house with X amount of acre It goes