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A New Normal (Silent Screams)

We lose the ones we love We all feel alone sometimes, we all feel so low We breathe, we love, we hurt we burn It lives inside me this deep repressed cycle Only suppressed for so long Now it's tearing from my skin Is this acceptance or are we just too misguided to see We can't be saved we're just bodies for graves? We can't be saved, but I refuse to believe I know I'm more than blood and fucking bone But I'll still hold inside the fact that I'm falling apart We lose the ones we love and soon we'll be the ones lost to the loved Am I supposed to move on like its nothing? I can't, I just can't It's not the aching in my bones that leaves me breathless That leaves me powerless It's the knowing that I'll never see you again The emptiness It's the jump that shakes me awake But I have nothing left to dream For its all been taken away from me We all live on promises tomorrow can't keep Nothing to say that words could explain I try to tell myself I don't feel anything Now I have nothing left to feel Now I have nothing I can't be alone Taken from me, time moves on as we breathe a new normal Til' we become one with the nothing Face down in the dark The truth is I miss you so much Nothings' the same I need to move on I'm sorry, am I supposed to move on?