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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Oronar (Luna Obscura)

Lies bitter words you hide Into your empty heart From now to then to future and past You always wear the mask of lust Scars from the past are my words Hollow I am I give fake hope Waiting from someone to hold on A stranger for a moment of love Cry me a lie fear my words Desperate cries filling our love The art of sin within you hide Screaming thoughts into my mind Upon your skin some moments of pleasure Your kiss cold as ice Into your eyes a dying light I fear the loneliness No more pain for me, no more tears I'm lost into my sick mind Afraid to face my deepest fears I found my self in despair... ...With tears in my eyes... I'm longing for the darkest hours Where I will be all alone... Forever gone and never been forgotten Never been forgiven for this tragedy Like the taste of Judas kiss...