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The Burden Of Solitude (Luna Obscura)

Like tormented souls we're lying on the ground Tears of the secrets are stained on our skin Shall we ever feel again the warmth of sun At the end of night we'll die like our dreams Velvet are the thorns that making us to bleed Silent are the moments of our own desires Shall we ever hear again our silent screams At the end of day we'll become the fire The burden of solitude...... ...And we are longing for the unknown Where destiny is not a part of it A veil of black grace is covering our eyes Blinded we are following our hearts... Oceans of past (And I whisper in the moon: "Sear me with your light...bare me from my burden Take away my pain...and leave me alone And leave me my cold eternity....") Like forgotten angels we're buried in the ashes Words of lust and sadness are written in our hands Shall we ever see again the light of pain At the end of life we'll return in dust Forbidden are the hopes that will bring us joy Hopeless we are walking the path of ignorance Shall we ever dream again the paradise At the end of time we'll become the shadows The burden of solitude......