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Blessed Death (Blessed Death)

Enter my sorrow, breath after breath Life is a vission, blessed only by death There is no heaven, not even a hell It's useless to wonder Religion's a spell Minds of greed, men of hate Set the earth round the sun Instincts, not morals of animals on the run Blessed Death Rot off my flesh Frees my mind from this world Answers to questions are only now brought to light in the end Blessed Death Forced to the ground by the weight of my tears Bless my existence Put an end to my fears Blessed Death to a life on this earth Blessed Death unknown to birth Blessed Death You fear that it's true Blessed Death to all of you It's not I that is dead But the flesh and the bone Bury me deep, My underground throne Slipping deeper into death Cold and alone My last breath Take me-Blessed Death Give me-Blessed Death Free me-Blessed Death Save me-Blessed Death