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Clean Slate (Kyler England)

i got this box of letters they all start off the same how could you do this to me? the ink’s been dry for sometime i just never sent them i couldn’t write the last line but now i’ve got it right it’s too late for a clean slate don’t try to make it up to me let’s make a clean break you don’t have to owe me anything cause i don’t wanna owe you anything anymore i lost another friend today this time it was my fault i was too wrapped up to see she was crashing she was reaching she was losing everything it brought back such bad memories when she said to me chorus i know we hurt each other but can’t we work it out? i realize you’re the kind of friend that i can’t live without is it too late for a clean slate? tell me how to make it up to you i made a mistake i know that you don’t owe me anything but i was hoping we could start again could we start again?