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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Coming For You (Twelve Foot Ninja)

Be ready, I'm coming for you! Be ready, I'm coming for you! Be ready, I am coming! We are always within, Instead of without, So much so, We had forgotten All about you, If we were to be sure, We had to savour the doubt, But now you know, There is a plan in place, We shall pierce Through the veil, And absolve you. You buried their heart, Buried their soul, You buried their guilt, And you refused to atone, You buried their father, Buried the truth, Well you best be ready, As I'm coming for you! Make peace within, Emanate it without, So much so, They could never force Their coercion upon you, If you're ever unsure, Beyond reasonable doubt, Hope you know, We will be here to Embrace you, As we emancipate you. We will see Without our eyes, As all will unite And rise tonight. We will unify!