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Time (Power of Omens)

So many tears I've cried, So many words inside plague me, they plague me. So many times I've seen the clouds roll So many times I've felt this rage inside. Now that the time has come to recall, All the souls that were made. Tear down the past which once blood burned my eyes, That worked night and day. All of the chances we've had now fade into the sky. All that's left say good-bye. Now the clouds are folding in, I feel the pressure From deep within. As I gaze to the mountains below, I feel the Last tree fall down, as they all fall down. Reach out for one last touch of love. My message drowned in blood. Senses increase three times in trust. If I can't go on, will you be there? If I can't foresee changes beloved seed, Centuries change for twice left inside memories might, Now the time has come. Once, the only one I knew was the one That claimed to be the friendly voice to speak. Now that Mother Mary's gone now, What's left, where will it go? Pray for me son, Pray for me son, Pray for me son, Pray for me son, I've run out of time... Time... Time... Time...