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Infinite Supply (Phideaux)

The stars in the sky were lonely tonight And so we lit a fire in solidarity The rain it falls the wind will call All things that bring prosperity Take care, take heed, take everything you need This always will be your sanctuary Hey it’s me, I’m looking but I don’t see Please just explain, what am I missing? You know I try, I keep looking, I don’t know why All I need is right before my eyes Oh the size I believe it now, it’s immense and wild All this time, lost in the scale of my tiny mind Small and alone, blind and confined If I could see the night Miles out in space the chemicals ignite Everything moves, expands and collides But I never knew the universe was wide The stars will feed forever, as decreed Blow dust and seed ever on their way I can feel the sky All of the world covered in life Breeze through the wind with all it provides Showering down it’s the infinite supply