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Altering Appearances (Blue Man Group)

To play to play the role of a Mega Rockstar, You will need to alter your appearance In ways that help you stand out. To have gotten this far, you probably have great hair and wild, brightly colored clothes. But adding a few of the accessories included with your manual can help you take your look over the top. Sunglasses, for example, have helped numerous artists disappear into a mystiqe. One megastar accessory that is long over due for a comeback is the cut knees. An accessory like this might seem a little strange, but is important for a megastar to make bold choices. For example, if you are a male megastar, one thing you might not have concidered is the use of makeup. This is the glam approach to taking a distinctive style. The glam rock tradition began in the 70s when a number of male artists experiment with makeup to create a more hydrogenous look. The use of makeup continued in the 80s and stayed alive in the 90s. Even today, the tradition of male megastars using makeup to make themselves look pretty, lives on. So try some makeup today to see if you like it. If none of these techniques suit your