Hello, Jack (Philmont)

First class, the movie is boring I look out over the snowy peaks There's a passenger missing and The flight attendants are acting rather strange A stewardess is telling us everything is fine "Everybody stay calm everything is fine" Now the rumors rise without delay Sheer speculation But I'd really like to know What's going on inside the plane Mid-flight Soaring into this winter night While the captain keeps the lid tight On what's really going down Stowed away A saboteur in the cargo bay Carries a gun, he's lost his head He's not afraid to go down Snowstorm, bombarding the hilltops We're caught in the mix-up I look out into the fog We're shrouded in a sheet, stuck shaking And swerving off course I hear the captain's voice "Please stay in your seats We're experiencing turbulence, stay in your seats" Now the tension rises without delay Sheer paranoia But I'd really like to know Who's in control of this plane "Attention! Failure in two of the engines I propose we abandon ship 'Cause this one's going down" But the flight crew Reports to the cockpit "Bad news, there's bulletholes in the parachutes We're not getting out" Chaos in the sky A rocky landing on a mountainside Now we're buried in the snow Wake up, most others are still unconscious And things look hopeless But at least I'm still alive and not alone It's daybreak I watch as the others slowly wake To a desperate situation, then I hear someone call out "Look around us There's silhouettes on the mountains The choppers have finally found us Now we're going home" We're going home