Weak In The Knees (Avila Eva)

Feels like I'm back in fifth grade Day dreaming 'bout when you ask me to come and play But you never do, you sit so far away You don't even notice the heart I drew around your name, I know it's crazy, I feel like a fool 'Cause every time you walk into the room, I always miss my cue [Chorus] I want to know if someone turns you on at night I want to know if it could be me I got to know how to make you see That you've got me weak in the knees Feels like I never learned to speak Every time I think to ask how was your week-end So I never do, I just hope to be seen But I casually cross your path While tripping over my feet I know it's crazy, I ain't gonna lie But every time that you give me a sign I always miss my line Oh you don't even know it No... There's a table for two For me and you Though it's so hard to show it Oh... When I give you no clue Every day after day, I been thinking of what I could say To get through to you Wish I could read your mind So that I could find If you're feelin' me too I want to know if... oh baby I want to know if... ooh oh You got me You got me