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From The Gutter To The Throne (Echoterra)

• Verse I From The Gutter To The Throne All the dark places man has gone There's so much to learn In front of us All the sadness we have known And the madness we have shown Can we escape the wheel We're stuck upon? • Chorus From beginning to end All the time that we've spent Chasing dreams As the veil ascends Will we cease to pretend that we're free? Led to all of the hate Countless fears As the darkness descends Will we ever transcend And find out what it means? • Verse II We're the ones that failed to grow Even though we've lived before In this land that has replenished us One day soon will come a storm That will wash away all that's born All the will remain will be forsaken • Pre Chorus Take a look in the mirror Do you like what you see? Is your reflection getting clearer Is it what you like it to be? Thebooks have all been written Now it's up to history Our final days are getting nearer It's time to rise up and be free? • Chorus • Bridge There's a hand made of stone Holding down our ascent Truth be known We stand alone All alone • Pre chorus • Repeat Chorus From The Gutter To The Throne...