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1 Of The 4 (Oblomov)

...and the horseman is standing up there on hill The horseman is coming The will to kill One of the four riders of doom We wretched spawn God forsaken's fall see my hand See them lying See my body See me dying This time of great sorrow Who will go after me Who will follow Who will be my guide Come to me my love and touch me Hold me tight Come and kiss me I'm almost human Flesh and blood I need your goodness I need your heart It makes me heartbleeded when I think of bitter death woe betide you You cursed malediction Who cares if there's a day or if there is a night No matter when he'll catch me My final contradiction Where my soul will go? Where my body will fall? Their fear will come true When I'm forever gone Divine retribution has punished us all For sins of ours hellsgate's going to call FLAGELANTI: We are your last deliverance Follow us on the march for salvation of human race Join our procession of devoted ones Pilgrimage of penitents We are wandering through the land Kill all those poisoners of the wells and the air Annihilation of the serpent seed Our guardian angel broken wings remove the misery We are infection of the era as you can easily see