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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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A Noisy Noise Annoys The Boys (Living With Lions)

its going to pull at you, until you hit the ground point your ears at me so you can hear the sound of my voice will you listen if i tell you more thoughts would have come out of my nose and pour out on the bathroom floor do you see what you've done, its been a long six months i'm slowly being hung, the city's almost won why am i always wrong, conclusions make the song life is good when you're gone i'm going to push you down, you'll fall right out the door pull out your fingernails so you can't scratch the floor (scratch the floor) don't even listen if i tell you more pointless times were times we had and all your worth was just as bad do you remember nights in our small town and together we leave, you've got to believe do you remember the last time i said bye to this town where are you now, i should of known forget you...