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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Colors (Living With Lions)

The beautiful contrast of the colors on the canvas The way the bristles sway, the way you make my Hair alright Laugh at me cause my head turns out too big We'll laugh it off Laugh it off There's something about you I can't place Is it the obvious or the things we'll never say I'll say something (anything) It doesn't matter cause we're off to a good start I'll brush up on waking up to you Concentrated breathing Bewilderment At least you're honest White canvas sits, yellow brush Runs across it as I watch Details never stop Picture this, a thousand words, a thousand times unspoken And conversation breaks us down, our simple Lives are broken Fake tongue, real city I never want it cause I know I could get it Hey girl (fake girl), looking pretty Shades of grey (turn us away)