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If U Be My Baby (Brock Stevie)

Girl u knoe all my heart is crying out for u And no matter what i try I just dont know what i should do You know id wait forever just to be with you So take my hand lets get together Baby me n you [Pre-chorus] Oh.. ill lift u up Ill take u higher baby Oh.. ill lift u up Higher than youve been before Ohh.. ill lift u up Dont u know that the sky is the limit Its me ur looking for [Chorus] If ur down tonite alright Lets get this party started riet Oh.. yeah If u be my baby When the stars come out tonite Well dance until the morning lite O yeah If u be my baby If u be my baby Girl u knoe i cant stop thinking bout The things that u do And my head keeps spinning round And round Its just from watching u My heart is jumping up and down Girl what can i do Stay together last forever now Baby me n u [Pre-chorus] [Chorus x2] [Pre-chorus] [Chorus x2] If u be my baby