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Never Wanna Give You Up (Brock Stevie)

[CHORUS] Never wanna give you up You're all I want Never wanna let you go I need your love Never wanna say goodbye Cause you're the kind That can make me give all The love I got Never wanna give you up Can't get enough Never wanna let you down I swear I'll be there for you Show you how I really feel Never wanna give you up girl Give you up Give you up Let me tell you a little story 'bout this girl I know She's everything a man could Ever want and more She's the kind of girl that always Keeps her head up high She never lets me down the girl is Always on time Now ever since the day I knew her From the start She's got a way that always sets Herself apart Breakin' rules She changes like the weather Honey thats the way you are yeah [CHORUS] I've been around the world And every place I go I've never seen such a girl That's ever looked so good With the smile With the style With the big brown eyes The way you wear your perfume You know you mean so much to me I'll take you places that you've never Seen before now honey Cuz my love's your love Gotta let you know [CHORUS] [BRIDGE] All I wanna do is get next t oyou Never wanna give you up girl Let me hold your hand baby show me That you love me Show me that you love me All I wanna do is just get with you Never wanna give you up girl Make it last forever always be together Give you all my love girl I never wanna Give you up [CHORUS]