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Over And Over, Again (Burrell Kim)

Over and over again Over and over again You prove yourself to be The only friend I need I can never thank you enough For all the things you've done for me I don't know how much time I have That's why I want to take the time to say Thank you for choosing me To be in your favor Thank you for blessing me Over and over again When I was deep in sin You forgave me and took me in You gave me peace within Since that day my life has changed And forever I'll remain Indebted to you for shedding your blood on Calvary Just for me-oh (Thank you for saving me) You didn't have to do it but you did (I can't repay you) for all you've done for me (When I'm not worthy) you continue (You continue to bless me over and over) Even when I don't deserve your love You wrap your arms around (me) Reminded me I'm your child And that you'll always be there (for me) Thank you for giving me another chance To tell you how much I love and adore you I praise your name (Bless your name Jesus) (You're worthy to be praised) Every time I call your name You're there to deliver me There's power in your name (Your name is glorious) (How excellent is thy name) I'll forever praise your name If I had ten thousand tongues I would use every one of them to (Praise your name) Hallelujah Thank you Jesus Lord I love you I adore you, I worship you I praise your name (King of Kings) (Lord of Lords) (Wonderful Marvelous) Sometimes I wonder why you Continue to bless me You bless me over and over And over and over again In spite of all my ways You continue to give me grace You're so amazing I realize You're just being God So I have no other choice but to bless You (Over and over, over and over) Again Through many dangers seem and unseen Thank you for keeping me (Thank you for keeping me over and over) When sin had control of me You came in and delivered me (Thank you for delivering me over and over) again Thank you for blessing me over and over again (Over and over, over and over) Over and over, again I'll continue to bless you Over and over again I want to take this time And bless you for blessing me Over and over again