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High Horses (Brown Shannon)

Everybody knows that Shania ain't country That's what they used to say about Johnny Cash And Garth Brooks shouldn't be smashing those guitars But a hundred million records ain't bad And all the girls say they wanna be like Dolly Pardon me but I think it's Sheryl Crow If you ask me I say screw all the boundries Cause it's all about whatever moves your soul And I think it's time we climbed off our high horses Who's to say whose right or wrong I think it's 'bout time that we all get together Raise our glasses and sing along Well I love Patsy and I like Bob Marley He sang about one love, one love And sometimes I fly like an eagle With Steve Miller playing in my pickup truck And the country boys like that Kid rockin' in Detroit Cause he's got about as much southern soul as ole Hank And who'd of ever thought that Mr. Kenny Chesney Would be laughing all the way to the bank Well everybody's got their little opinions It's either too much of this or not enough of that Why can't we just live life the way we want to live it And got off each others backs Everybody knows that Shania ain't country