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Silence (Black River)

Another day of fear Another faced without you Another days so weird Coz I'm lost without you In the land of overwhelming grief My days move slowly on I'm a prisoner of never - ending silence (The) silence (you) left behind you How I grieve Whispers in my ear Words unsaid surround me I still feel you,feel so near (And) I'm sa lost without you All that is gone Will remain forever In (the) deepest silence Of my heart And now I know You are gone forever You are gone but let me dream Oh,silence The only gift from you In my heart Hearts soon die,deprived of hope I am dying Without you Come ano hold me now I'm falling Stay and save me now I'm falling I'm falling down the empty silence Your silence Oh,let me dream of the word unspoken Of your hands and warm embrance Of what I never got from you Of our being together Let me dream to set me free At least just let me dream Of those words unspoken To dream to set me free In never-ending silence I dream to set me free In never-ending silence The world is tumbling down without you