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Final Movement (Enemy Logic)

Make a path, choose your life. Drive down your fears and start anew. Tear down the banners of the dictator. Rise against your enemy, poverty, corruption. Break down the doors and free the blind. Use this fear against the government. Rise against your ignorance. Save your pride, it's your decision. Leave your pain from your disgrace. Burn away your disease. Your disease in an inner demon. The court of law won't save you now. No justice for your inner demon. Break it out, chuck it in. Tame the streets with your innocence. Flood the land with aggression. Stand for one and stand for all. Sabotage, nemesis, burn down the fortress of arrogance. Take your wins with this loss. Escape with your pride and never look back. Now take this back. No, we won't take this back. This must change, you must change this. Our disgrace which consumes us. This must change, final movement. This must change inside us now.