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The Victim Must Be Silenced (Enemy Logic)

Raining down a wave of terror Lightning blood red lightning blood. Innocent or guilty fear Your dark lives are mine, death is near. Crashing through the streets of God Lessened fears are further raised. Cut your ties with divine sources. Bring out the devil and take out your sword. You give up on me, you cant find yourself. Youre only flesh, you can be killed. Tear away from them, they care only for you. Theyre only flesh, they can be killed. Cut away your inner fears. Cross your blades, shorten the years. Raise the doubt and show your rapier. Bow down, praise your saviour. Break the losses but show no one. Draw the blood, show everyone. Row down the stream, the stream of blood. Abandon all hope, drown in the flood. Frightening lust, a lust far gone. Long road you walk. Long road you walk through hell. Follow the bones to the fucking grave.