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Clean Elvis (Dan Reeder)

I inject pure kryptonite Into my brain It improves my kung-fu And it eases the pain during Acceleration When the pedal hits the floor This thing burns nitroglycerin And powdered C4 And I will always love you I drive a modified T-series Lola It's kind of heavy But I like the feel When I say Vietnam It sounds just like coca-cola I believe most anything As long as it's not real And I will always love you I battled aliens From outer space They got one eye right In the middle of their face I grab my laser gun I know my place Somebody's got to save The human race And I will always love you It seems hopeless But wouldn't you know They got a weakness And they let it show They can't jump And they're a little bit slow When I say world war 2 I mean the video And I - help me elvis I - help me elvis I -come on now elvis I can't help Falling in love with you