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Forever The Fall (Acrophet)

Darkness, trapped, building up control Becoming a victim of your own sanity Simple thoughts becomes and comes again The rain falls dripping dry Common wonder strange upon deranged Freedom that locks you in a cage Tunnels, falling, surrounding your soul Blackness blinding, forever the soul Justified, the problem is to know Life that's dead before a helping seed is sprung Breaths that are poisoning Streams absorbing feelings of my sorrow Sleepless, filling in your eyes Something that you thought could never be unsolved Calmness, the paranoia Laughing with the game that brings you to die Trapped around the game, darkness fills your open eyes Forcing your pain, ignorance messing with your mind Warning, the piece of flesh Reach, reach out to the world Lies, nightmares Freedom that you found by falling deep astray Awaken to the darkness that traps your life away Life that's living to a wasted prophecy Dying by a death that's happened helplessly Scorching, blaze forces a still Rhyme scheme beholds common fear Creative, killing, enjoying cruelty Independence stabs you in the back Pounding down the sharpened quest Leaving scars throughout your mind Screaming, silence, whispered in around Echoing voices filling up the sounds