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Haunting Once Again (Acrophet)

As lifeless as the midnight air Into the eyes of the unknown A void separation of mind There's no way out for your soul Do you remember the ashes of war ? That opened up your door... ... to new worlds of darkness Where the system of terror had begun Sins exploit the key to your past And for time ... it is the end This endless horror has destroyed my life And it's haunting once again Oh, Mother Earth send me the powers of the night So my soul will remain haunting Haunting once again! I'm just a victim of this never-ending nightmare Where concrete souls collide I've seen the magic that embeds the earth And the memories that have died You were so brave and you were so free But now you suffer so painfully Your mind is gone and you've lost your way The dreams are real and now you pay for your ... Visions of a memory that drove me so insane A time for me to take control and help me break the chain Secrets of my hidden wisdom helps my soul grow strong Taking on my deepest fears that trapped me here for so long