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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Independence At Its Finest (Acrophet)

A person thought to be one's own -- it's a lie My presence is an annoyance to one thought to be so kind Brought up to respect what's right not what's new Silent gestures accuse my being selfish and untrue Lost in a Christian's ways, can't turn back Religion is so damned perfect, dragged straight to your grave Try to prove that I'm not bad, it's no use My efforts to defend myself won't bring hatred to a truce Take the long way to avoid confrontation in my own home You have religion and I have friends - who's alone ? Land that shakes and seas that boil Bad blood has poisoned me, a bitter venom spreads through my veins Just what he wants to see Unjustified notions of what he feels is right All stereotyped views can't break the spell of an old man's world His ways are his, they'll be that way 'til his last living day Break free won't compromise his cause A hardened shell cracked by time Old ways lost, new ones born