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Silent Insanity (Acrophet)

Can't hold back, must let go Adrenalin search, arteries burst and head feels blown Can't explain, gone insane Twisted being burning everymore inside a... ... world of dreams isn't what it seems The pain I feel just seems so unreal It's been taken much too far And now society... ... society leaves it's scars Pronounced unfit, a human waste Trapped inside a dingy gate Never did know wrong from right Won't deny, don't ask why Life is hell trapped inside a madman's spell Mystic hate Trapped inside has brought me endless... ... time to think, oh God what have I done? Now I hide because I cannot run Fear surrounds me and it has found me Feel the pain that burns inside your head My nightmare becomes your reality Bodies that are lying beholds your deaths defying The anger never before seen Echoes by sounds of voices underground Deeper in silent insanity