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The American Zone 1990 (Acrophet)

Did he have any discipline And did he get to school on time No different from anyone else But they say he's a psycho ! But we raised you so well Why did you play with the fire ? This is hell, your new home The American Zone... 1990... Opinions do not exist, your mind is owned And as for your life, you've got your future on hold Heaven and hell, what do they all mean It's not what you make it to be "20/20" you're going in circles Do you know real from make-believe ? Talking and listening, which do you choose ? It's not a game of win or lose ! Take the time to figure it out Take a good look and realize This shit is real, yeah it's real ! Somebody take me away from here What did I do to deserve this ? What makes me so unacceptable And makes you so perfect Your future's on hold forever