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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Mount Celestia (Rolo Tomassi)

Persistently hesistant, anxious and quick to mark To not know this could exist, an existence without conflict Now what has been created, what I have always wanted. No approval needed as unsure as I’ve ever been Certainty is guidance as pure as you could ever know Defying all judgement I see you with me. Chasing a longing, an aspiration for affection Miraculously moving out of where others have come to fail I never expected to land on my feet from where I fell. A quick grasp on cascading matter, no approval needed It’s hard to find expression, but right here is where I want to be Unexpected beauty intertwining with reality, I see you with me. For you to know I care, we don’t need to make them see. This is it right here, and I see you with me.