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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Party Wounds (Rolo Tomassi)

Smashed glass proceedings Wide open party wounds Tasteless movers and shakers and candlestick makers Ive watched from afar and Ive led the processions of faint heart believers and sons of the night What did you want to learn? A scale of notes that could drown out the world or put off whats been on your mind? Forever never seemed so long at the time Our sense of adventure only ever outweighed by these perfectly scripted desires Such horror, mischief and desperate decadence, tall tales from the lips of liars But when that beat drops, beat drops, beat drops, beat drops Well Im back to where I was before Ive been low, low, as low as I can go but when I feel it Ill still hit the floor Pull up the flowers (salt the earth)